Develop the screenplay concepts (including the story + description of the world in the story) for the animated series about Monta monkey, with two main requirements:

  • The main character is the smart, good-natured, happy, agile, resourceful, and witty Monta monkey.
  • The series consists of short episodes (each less than 10 minutes), which may be small and relatively independent stories; or connected together into a big story, stretching 20-30 episodes (or more) per season.
  • The expression of the screenplay concepts is not limited to any form (prose, dialogue text, comic, video, etc.); however such concepts must have the potential to be developed into multiple episodes.
  • Participating screenplays may be original or adapted (with the consent of the original authors).
  • The contest is open to both individuals and groups. Each individual may not submit more than 2 works.
  • The authors are solely responsible for the copyright of their works in accordance with the laws. The Organizer will cancel the results and withdraw the prize for any work being found infringed, or for the authors failing to take the responsibility when being subject to the third party’s copyright dispute.

(31/10 to 30/11/2017)

  • From October 30 to November 30 (1 month): Applications are submitted to the Organizer. Criterion for selection of candidates: having been involved in writing at least one fiction (screenplay, novel, short story, or comic); and showing by the application the passion to compose works for children.
  • Applicants may be international citizens aged between 7 and 77. Overseas applicants must be willing to work in Vietnam in order to participate in the production process.The Organizer’s Evaluation Committee will work continuously to select the 30 best candidates to join the Qualifying Round.

(01/12 to 19/12/2017)

  • November 1 – December 4: The Organizer will meet with 30 selected candidates to clarify specific requirements for submitted works.
  • From December 5 to December 19 (2 weeks): 30 candidates work independently and submit their preliminary concepts to the Organizer.
  • The Organizer’s Evaluation Committee will work continuously to select the 08 best concepts into Reality Show Round.
  • Candidates failing this round can use their (rejected) concepts for other purposes, including commercial purposes on the condition that the Organizer has been noticed and has given permission.

Note: the name Monta and the design of Monta character are owned by the Organizer.

(20/12 to 17/01/2018)

From December 20 to January 17 (4 weeks): Each of the 8 best candidates continue to develop their concepts, and work with a mini filmmaking team (with personnel and at costs of VinTaTa) to make a demo video for their work, enabling the Organizer to best imagine the whole series they want to create, instead of just reading the screenplays. Specifically:

Benefit of candidates:

  • Be invited to VinTaTa’s studio in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and have 4 weeks working with artists and partners to make demo video.
  • Get maximum support so that the demo video best suits the author’s concepts:
  • Authors has right to choose to become the director of their own video, or get support from a famous director invited by the Organizer.
  • Authors may select composer who will compose music for their demo video. The Organizer will try to invite the desired composer to work with the author to make the demo music best suit the author’s concept.

(21/01 to 28/01/2018)

  • The Organizer will assess 8 developed screenplay concepts together with 8 demo videos, then choose among them the 3 best concepts (or more, if the concepts are equally excellent).
  • From January 21 to January 28 (1 week): Film and edit the Reality Show about the assessment process of the 3 best concepts (with 3 demo videos), with participation of the candidates and jury from 3 groups: professional group, showbiz group, and children group.


1 First Prize (VND 1 billion)
selected by the Advisory Council and VinTaTa together.

7 Encouragement Prizes (VND 100 million/prize)


  • Develop their screenplay concepts by cooperating in good faith with VinTaTa in making the demo videos so that they best express their ideas.
  • Accept that the concepts will be publicly disclosed to the Advisory Council, guests and the public in the Reality Show Round.
  • 8 screenplay concepts selected to the Reality Show Round are all under the copyright of Vingroup. The Organizer may use these 8 concepts for any purpose during and after the contest (including commercial purpose) without paying any additional fees.
  • The Organizer shall not handle any complaints regarding any differences between the demo video and the author’s concepts, based on the following principles:
  • There will always be a great difference between concept and outcome, so the candidates should flexibly work to make a good product.
  • The author has right to choose to become the director of their own demo video or get assistance from a famous director right from the beginning. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the author to ensure that the demo video can best represent their concept.